Renee Michelle, Licensed Massage Therapist

Renee Michelle, Specializing in Therapeutic Massage

 Renee has an extensive knowledge of how to prevent injuries, treat injuries like rotator injuries, carpal tunal, tendeonitis, back, neck, upper traps, hamstrings, IT band, and sciatica. She has semi professional athletes, ultra marathoners, Cross-fit, Surfers, Golfers, polo players, and Swimmers who enjoy her therapeutic massage. Renee's joy is working with mammas to-be and has seen many women during all their pregnancies for massage. 


I understand that there are many choices for massage locations and therapists. What makes my work distinct from other therapists is that I provide consistent quality work that is extremely thorough.  

*I care about people feeling their very best, thus I care to really help be a healing aide!

*Highly specialized in therapeutic massage and consistent pressure

*Extensive experience and knowledge working with injuries such as rotator cuff, knee (acl, knee replacements), neck injuries (bulging discs, blown discs), back, tendonitis, carpal tunnel,  hip, glutes, and hamstrings. 

*Years of  experience with semi and professional athletes (Jiu-Jitsu, Equestrian, polo, tennis, surf, water polo, basketball, cycling, ultra-marathoners, Hockey)

*Have worked on trainers and clientele from Cross-fit to help their recovery time

*Have worked for a Yoga studio, Chiropractors, Day Spa. I have experience working on many different type of indivuals

**Certified in Pre-Natal Massage and have seen many women through multiple pregnancies

*I have many Yogis I massage and practice Yoga, cycling, surfing...and I love walking my Dog Eben! I love staying healthy, so I can be the best massage therapist for you!


Thank you,

Renee Michelle, M.A

California Licensed Massage Therapist

Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals