Renee Michelle, Licensed Massage Therapist

Renee Michelle, Specializing in Therapeutic Massage

 Renee has an extensive knowledge of how to prevent injuries, treat injuries like rotator injuries, carpal tunal, tendeonitis, back, neck, upper traps, hamstrings, IT band, and sciatica. She has semi professional athletes, ultra marathoners, Cross-fit, Surfers, Golfers, polo players, and Swimmers who enjoy her therapeutic massage. Renee's joy is working with mammas to-be and has seen many women during all their pregnancies for massage. 

Welcome! My main goal as your Massage Therapist is to listen to YOU, what you need and want for your massage. It doesnt hurt my feelings to tell me 'can you go lighter?' or 'can you give me more pressure?'. A massage is YOUR time, so make the most of it, communicate what you need. I provide a quality massage and am highly skilled and knowledgeable in how to help your muscles be healthy and happy! Any questions please contact me!


Renee Michelle

Licensed Massage Therapist, member of ABMP